The vast world is filled with people. Some are closely affiliated to friends and kin, others are distanced from their fellows. Some keep close ties and others cultivate no or few ties at all.

Those who had no connections sought electronic connections to ground themselves. In the silence of the Internet, their small voices carried well across the void. They who had been alone and separante were together and alone no longer. A tribe was formed, the tribe of the dispossessed.

The dispossessed wrote open letters to one another, long threads filled with deep thoughts. Their visions spilled out like multifarbinous shattered glass. Some took these shards and built a mosaic that glittered in the pale glow of monitors across the world.

Emails and IMs were sent. The tribe grew. What had began as a group of several expanded through the virtue of search engine optimization and advertisements. The tribe grew.

Some of the tribe realized that many of the newest members were strangers who had stumbled upon the tribe in their own hunt for connection. They had not been invited by a friend-of-a-friend but had found the electronic grotto by happenstance. Some of these newer members did not share the original members’ view of a mosaic joining each to each. Disagreements about the structure and intent of the mosaic arose.

The tribe’s elders met in the peace of their email circle and realized they needed governance. They considered their own desires and attributes and reflected on the apparent desires and attributes of the more interesting members.

Over time, tribal leaders rose from the ranks. Some emerged as maintainers of peace and harmony. These were rewarded with powers. Others, through virtue of charisma, also were rewarded with powers. The elders trained the non-originals in the building and maintenance of the mosaic.

As the non-original leaders rose above the others, many forgot their origins. Indeed, many of the elders forgot their original loneliness in the emptiness of the Internet. From the crowded misty peaks, they peered down and commented upon the masses teeming below.

The mosaic began to change. Fragments detached and were nearly lost, kicked across the plain of the void. Some of the tribe tended these fragments, adding their own visions and dreams. Their mosaics grew differently from the original mosaic, differently but not wrongly.

The search engines, set in motion long before, continued to attract more unconnected loners from the darkness. The holes made by the fragmented members were filled by those who shared or sought to refresh the dusty mosaic beneath their feet.

The forums grew.

To be continued…

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