Communities gather and disperse. This is inevitable, an organic law of Brownian movement.

The original dispossessed had forgotten or overlooked the other communities that preceded them, communities bound by dial-up bulletin board systems and older communities connected by ink and paper.

Each generation of dispossessed forgot or overlooked the previous. Each glowered down at the newly-emergent.

Elders, leaders, mediators, and members drifted from their communities. Perhaps they were exhausted by their efforts to maintain their communities. Perhaps they realized they had been bound too tightly by their visions or the visions they had inherited. Perhaps they saw a more attractive mosaic shard gleaming in the dark and chose to grow a fresh vision.

Across the voids, lights moved and flickered, joining and dispersing, brightening and dimming. New connections joined old, ties were renewed and abandoned and rediscovered.

Some of the dispossessed embraced their wanderings and drifted easily from mosaic to mosaic, perhaps returning to a small place they nurtured secretly and solely.

Some of the dispossessed craved power and fiercely protected their mosaics. Others roared against the disruptive afrit and hungry lost; in the end, these either self-combusted or joined the ranks of the power hungry or faded tiredly into the drifting masses.

The mosaics themselves continued, unmindful of their tenders.

Once lights are kindled in the void, they do not easily fade.

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