…”canine hairball”.

Canine Hairball Google Search

Look at that. Hit #1 of four! And I have a picture of a canine hairball, too, not just a description. (Yes, the vet thought I was nuts. Yes, my coworkers thought I was nuts. You may agree with them, too. I don’t mind.) Here’s the post itself.

Ah. The wonders of spidering and indexing!

One of the things I love about WordPress are all the plug-ins. I use a couple stat plug-ins and several standalone stat collectors. I’m always tickled to see that someone dropped by because of hits from a search. Of course, I’m tickled to see traffic at all. And I love traffic from friends. :)

You can try this yourself by clicking here.

(Yeah, I’m easily amused.)

2 Responses to “Cornering the Google search on…”

  1. psychic_hygiene says:

    Another tickle coming your way.
    (Crowsie, your posts are a joy to read… and to think I was missing out on this hidden luxury before! Thanks for disclosing the direction to your site.)

  2. rivercrow says:

    You’re welcome, psychic_hygiene!

    Feel free to comment anytime!

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