I spent the weekend geeking. Was up till 2 am Sunday morning working on the new place I’ve alluded to recently. I spent several hours later that morning upgrading the WordPress sites I maintain. And followed up with some tweaking on the new place.

I’ve been fortunate to have several volunteers do usability testing on the new place. The underlying concept has evolved over months of discussion and experimental sites. We’re happy and excited that it’s in the usability testing phase. The core of it is good; the fundamental needs are met comfortably.

I referred back to my “must have” and “would like” last evening. The infrastructure is sufficiently cooked to plan on going live this coming weekend. The foundational content I need (FAQs and stuff) is being written now. Foremost in mind is dealing with intellectual property ownership on a site dedicated to collaboration. I’ve decided a Creative Commons license for the collaborative area is the best answer, so I need to apply for that and add that verbiage to the FAQ.

Realistically, I need to make additional administrative roles. I’m a little worried about bringing in helpers. My vision is very non-hierarchical and I see “management” as a service role, not as a reward or favor. Subsequently, I think I will maintain sole control for a while.

Being INTP, I’m constantly seeing places for improvement. Eye-candy. I’ve been accused–rightly–of caring more for the infrastructure than the content. Sticking to the project plan has been critical. Scope creep has happened despite my best efforts. Oh well. Knowing that I will have the development site to play on after the site goes into production makes holding to milestones easier.

4 Responses to “Weekend geeking”

  1. Xander says:

    I must admit that I’m the same when it comes to such desings. The infrastructure is pretty. The use of it is merely the oil sprayed over the engine. You want to wash it off and have a lovely clean engine again. Of course if you use the car then the engine gets dirty. It’s one of those trade offs.

    As for modding, I offer my humble services (very humble granted). If you plan on being a fraggle then I can but hope to perform as a Dozer, though really I’d rather be Sprocket anyday!!! (Dogs RULE!!!)

  2. psychic_hygiene says:

    This is as exciting as awaiting the arrival of a newborn.

    I definitely support your decision to maintain sole control for awhile. When the “baby” has found its feet and is displaying satisfactory progress, you will also “know” the people who not only actually share your understanding towards the managerial role as one of service but who can actually walk the talk and implement it too.

    Crowsie, as in most things in life … when the time is right to recruit help for a particular purpose, the right people will be sent along or are already there around you.

  3. rivercrow says:

    X: Modding the place will be unlike modding standard forums. Give it a little before, tho. I’m still considering making it “invite only”–runs counter to my open-door liberalism, but could limit the insanity…. 😉

    P_H: Oh, you have no idea how exciting. Months of discussing and planning and sketching. And hoping that the fanfare won’t overwhelm the reality.

    Isn’t the “time is right” thing the truth? Time and time again this proves itself to me. Synchronicity is a sweet blessing.

  4. Xander says:

    I doubt your going to need any mods with a private site (I actually have no idea what it entails, I just going with the theory of “Giz a job, I can do that 😀 ).

    It’ll be interesting to see how the site goes. I’m looking forward to the layout being thoroughly tested (geekish I know).

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