Some of you may have noticed my blog’s tagline:

observe … reflect … transform

If not, well, I’m going to talk about it here. Xini was musing on the tagline recently and asked me to explain it. I commented on his blog that I had deliberately chosen words with many meanings. I’m still a poet and deconstructivist at heart, you see. So…

To watch attentively, to become aware, to comment upon, to celebrate….

To express, to introspect, to echo or give back, to cast back light….

To change in nature, to change in form, to convert one form of energy to another….

I feel very strongly that authenticity in living is important. For a long time, this character trait got buried under the needs of day-to-day living; I lost myself. After I started journaling regularly, I rediscovered a deep thirst for truth and integrity. Realizing that I had fallen out of accord with my core values, I started a journey inward. I wrote about what I found as I journeyed as much to celebrate my findings as to share with my readers.

I have worked as a creative many times. Either as artist, writer, or computer technician, the creative urge is there, pushing for expression as art or poetry or skillful repair. Whenever I felt to be working closest to my gifts I have felt powered by some Other, originating from without not from within. For me, the act of recording my thoughts is giving back to the Source that powers me. (A Source that I have often drifted from, but which I am relearning to honor and involve in my life.)

The journey I am on is a process from one way of being to another. Learning is an alchemy, the bringing of light to darkness. Where we were, we are no longer. We have moved on, changed altitude, grown older, changed our beings–even if only at the molecular level. Can we choose to change ourselves? Of course. We become.

Definitions courtesy of The Free Dictionary

One Response to “About my tagline”

  1. Xander says:

    You know I never mean’t to push right?

    I was merely musing at what the line mean’t to me.

    As for the pingback/ trackback thingy, it doesn’t link from my site. Is it supposed to?

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