Sdalek and I met with a handful of folks from INTPC last night: MacGuffin & his wife, EnglishIvy and NoahFence.

We got there first–37 years of being in my skin makes me swing between really early and running late–and scoped out the little Southern town main street. The back alleys actually had plantings of rosemary and other herbs! We walked back to the restaurant and the hostess asked if we had reservations. Hah. Well….I remembered the problem of only knowing Internet handles and no actual names…. So we settled down to wait.

Tupelo’s is a Cajun-themed joint on a corner of the main strip. The atmosphere is cozy: small bar, nicely done murals, Southern blues playing below conversation level. At one point, a green SUV came careening around the corner driven by someone who resembled Mac–it even had the right state tags!–but it wasn’t anyone we knew. (I found this out later when the driver came into the restaurant and I called out a couple names with no response.)

Once the party assembled, we realized there were no reservations. No problem. EnglishIvy left her cell number with the hostess and we all trooped down to a snug bar a few doors away for waiting and refreshments.

The evening was very enjoyable. Okay, that’s an understatement. Food, drink, and company were excellent. I ended up in my customary giggle ball, following a long discussion of photographers who specialize in chopping off the heads of their subjects. I think there should be a genre dedicated to headless or otherwise unconventional portraits. I suspect someone will post pictures of the party on the forum–I’m sure I will hear about it! I did bring my camera, but I conveniently left it in the car.

Quite a treat to have met these folks!

Edit 9 April: Details on my private gigglefest….
The state of giggles…. Earlier in the evening we had been talking about funeral homes and obituaries. (I wrote obits when I was in college and have a cousin who’s a mortician, so I have a “history.”)

Later, Mac’s wife was talking about how bad she was at taking pictures. A few years ago Mac had met a childhood hero of his and his wife was supposed to take a picture of them. The hero was 90+. She got a picture of their feet–she was standing within 6 feet of them! Someone said that Mac and his hero needed to meet again so another picture could be taken. Sadly that can’t happen because the fellow had died.

My mom is notorious for beheading her subjects and I’ve generated my own collection of “masterpieces.” I had a teacher in college who entreated us to exploit our mistakes. At that point, what Kuranes calls my “rich inner life” took over and I started imagining ways to make the most of the situation–take a picture of Mac’s feet at the foot of the grave, take a picture of Mac’s feet at the headstone of the grave, etc. The more variations I came up with, the more I laughed. I considered sharing, but decided trying to explain the joke would kill the humor. It was one of those “You had to be there” occasions and only I was in my head. And the necessity of not telling drove me back into laughter!

That was when Mac started taking pictures.

2 Responses to “Silly evening (INTPC meet-up)”

  1. MacGuffin says:

    That was fun! We will do it again sometime.

    She did manage to get a pic after the feet picture. Thank God digital cameras have LCD screens now so you can see your mistake. I can only imagine what horrific mistakes happened with film.

  2. Ivy says:

    I am game any time for more giggles and bad photos.

    A montage of photos of Mac’s feet at various meaningful locales would be a tasteful arrangement, fit for display in any foyer or sitting room.

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