It’s been four years since Sedgewick died. I dreamed of him this morning–the darned cocky bird grinding his beak and acting coy and content.

I woke up smiling, thinking of him and feeling he was at peace. I realized that I’d been unconsciously sad because of the anniversary.

Musical interlude #1 (30 second streaming MP3 clip)

I think my week of melancholia is almost over. I know the people I care about are doing well. Even if they’re having troubles now–and you know who you are–I feel sure that there are some glimmers to keep their lives lit and warm until the upswing happens.

Musical interlude #2 (60 second streaming MP3)

The urge to write is upon me. And I think I will go with a play this time. Never tried my hand at that form, so it should be interesting.

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