(I’m stealing some of the following from some books I’ve read. If anyone cares to source the statements, help yourself–I can’t recall titles at the moment.)

Games are a common metaphor for negotiation–but it’s important that all the participants speak the language of game. Not long ago, women were not involved in team sports and therefore misunderstood or missed altogether the language of game. I don’t think we’re quite as out of it now, but I personally still have to consciously put myself in the mindset of “game” at times. (It’s easier for me to think in terms of orchestras and dance troupes, so I’m not completely 404 in terms of teamwork. I do have to translate, on occasion.)

In the course of a game, a play might be fumbled or lost, but the game itself is still winnable. It’s important to remember that the individual plays don’t 86 the game. (In most cases, right?)

Still, we have to be sure that 1) we are all speaking game and 2) we are all speaking the same game.

It occurred to me that this contributes to the misunderstandings between the sexes in regard to sex.

Guys seem to look at the whole of “sexual adventure” as a game, with individual events as plays in the game, which itself is based on “high score wins” (like basketball). Gals seem to look at individual sexual relationships as the game, with flirtation and escalating romantic events as plays in the game, which is based on “low score wins” (like golf). (If women ever regard sex as a game. I’m not sure.)

Just casual observations.

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