I keep reading about the “impending talent shortage” and the “coming labor crisis” when all the Boomers retire. The Generation X group is so much smaller and less talented than the Boomer group that businesses — at least HR-related businesses — are calling for succession management NOW.

But for every article I read suggesting that my generation — the Xers — will finally get a chance at bat, I read another article encouraging folks to hire people in their 50s and beyond. “They’re experienced! They’re reliable! They’re team players!” In short, they’re not the up-and-coming, cynical Xers.

Given that Boomers have habits of accruing debt and see themselves as the focal point of all forward momentum, I just can’t fathom a world where Boomers ever actually retire. With the increase of professional coaching and mentorship, I think there’s diminishing possibility that Boomers will step out of the limelight for subsequent generations to emerge.

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