I attended an e-workshop presented by the eChapter of APTI. The workshop was lead by Lynda Trommelen, who spoke about how Type affects response to change/loss and how to use the insights of Type to assist folks adjusting to change/loss.

One of the charts that Lynda presented originated with Recovery from Loss: A Personalized Guide to the Grieving Process, by Tagliaferre and Harbaugh, who suggested that the function order affects how we work through change. After redrawing the chart, I realized I was fixated on the attitudes of the functions, not on the functions themselves. Once I cleared this hurdle, it all made much more sense. Upon reflection, I realized that I did step through change in the suggested order, as did those family members whose Types had been verified.

As for me, I also admit I will get hung up during the process and need a kick in a direction — it would be nice to know which way I need to boot myself along. This chart suggests a path for getting unstuck. 😉

(PDF, 7 KB)

Type, Function Order, and Response to Change

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  1. INTJMom says:

    I was thinking maybe I should get that book since my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past April. Did the book discuss MBTI types? Or was it the backdrop for the MBTI chart that was created?

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