rivercrow on September 10th, 2009

Howdy! So, what’s this WordPress site doing here? Oh yes — I abandoned it when I had things to do. Well, I have a job now. Actually, just celebrated my one year anniversary at the place. I’m happy there. And I thought it was time for a new look. I’ll replace the pictures with some […]

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rivercrow on April 6th, 2007

Some of you may have noticed my blog’s tagline: observe … reflect … transform If not, well, I’m going to talk about it here. Xini was musing on the tagline recently and asked me to explain it. I commented on his blog that I had deliberately chosen words with many meanings. I’m still a poet […]

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rivercrow on January 22nd, 2007

I spent the weekend geeking. Was up till 2 am Sunday morning working on the new place I’ve alluded to recently. I spent several hours later that morning upgrading the WordPress sites I maintain. And followed up with some tweaking on the new place. I’ve been fortunate to have several volunteers do usability testing on […]

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rivercrow on January 12th, 2007

I had a pretty bad cold last week that I am recovering from. As usual, the cold is lingering and sapping resources. This week, I’ve had a number of situations requiring me to extravert and expend additional energy. I’ve been exhausted at the end of the day, pretty much depleted. Although I have made several […]

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rivercrow on January 3rd, 2007

…”canine hairball”. Canine Hairball Google Search Look at that. Hit #1 of four! And I have a picture of a canine hairball, too, not just a description. (Yes, the vet thought I was nuts. Yes, my coworkers thought I was nuts. You may agree with them, too. I don’t mind.) Here’s the post itself. Ah. […]

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